Make Your Day Special

Each wedding is unique and bagpipes are a way to add an extra flare to your special day. The pipes can be used to play a stately march for the recessional or a lively quick step to welcome your guests to the reception and anything in between. Aside from the musical aspect a well dressed piper is also a visual treat for your guests.

Common request at weddings:

  • Processional: Often a slow march. Can be for the bride, the bridal party, or both, though I recommend not overwhelming the guests, as the pipes are very loud.
  • Special Music: The piper can play at a designated portion of the service. The tune Highland Cathedral is often chosen.
  • Recessional: Either slow or quick march. The piper can lead the bridal party out of the church
  • Before the Reception: The piper stands outside the reception hall, or inside if there is a large entry way, and plays a selection of tunes as your guests arrive assisting in the transition from an elegant ceremony to a joyous reception